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Student Nominee Instructions

Congratulations for being nominated for the Outstanding Student Award.

As a Nominee we ask that you provide additional information and documentation in support of your nomination.

To complete the award application, submit the following:

  1. Complete Nominee Background Form online at the Hispanic Convocation website
  2. Submit an unofficial ASU transcript
  3. Submit one (1) additional recommendation from faculty, staff or community leader
  • Note: The person who nominated you has already supplied one recommendation. Now you must supply an additional recommendation from someone else.

Detailed instructions on this supporting documentation are below.

The Student Nominee is responsible for the submission of all documents. 

Students selected for the awards must register and participate in the ASU Hispanic Convocation ceremony.


The Nominee Background Form is completed online here on the Hispanic Convocation website.

To access the form, Nominee must first login to ASURite. 

Login to ASURite


Once logged in, you can access the Nominee Background Form by clicking the button below.

Submit Nominee Background Form


The form can be saved as a draft until the Nominee is ready to complete and submit the form. Simply return to this web page, log in, and click this link.

When ready, click the Submit button on the bottom of the form page to send the form to the Hispanic Convocation office. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after submitting your form.


Nominees have the option of attaching their transcript to the Nominee Background Form.

If transcripts are not included with the Nominee Background form, they can be e-mailed to hispanic.convocation@asu.edu.


The person who nominated you has submitted one (1) recommendation on your behalf. To complete the application you must submit one (1) additional recommendation written by another person - not the Nominator.

For convenience, we have created an e-mail system that Nominees may use to request a recommendation. The e-mail includes instructions for the recommender and a link to the online recommendation form. Nominees must login first to use the system.

Prior to sending a request, it is recommended that a Nominee speak to the person first so the prospective recommender will be expecting the e-mail in their inbox.

Send a Request for a Recommendation

Nominees will be notified by e-mail after a recommendation has been submitted on their behalf.