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RSVP for Convocation

The RSVP Site for Fall 2021 Ceremonies will be available beginning October 19, 2021.

All ASU graduation ceremonies require registrations (RSVPs) from graduating students who wish to participate. 

An RSVP submitted by deadline:

  • Guarantees participation in the ceremony. 

  • Guarantees the graduate receive all benefits & ceremony specific items provided by the ASU Hispanic Convocation


How to RSVP for the Hispanic Convocation

  1. Apply for graduation and pay graduation fees. [ more info ]

  2. Go to the RSVP Ceremonies link available on your MyASU page.

  3. A link under the Graduation Tab will appear after you have applied to graduate and paid your graduation fees. 

  4. Click on the link to the Hispanic Convocation.

  5. Complete the RSVP form.

  6. Click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the page after completing the RSVP form.

  7. After submitting an RSVP for Hispanic Convocation, a pay window will open for paying the Hispanic Convocation registration fee.

  8. Complete the payment form.
  9. Click the "Submit" button to submit payment.


  • Failure to properly submit the form will result in your RSVP not being recorded.
  • Students will receive a confirmation via e-mail after successfully submitting an RSVP form for the ceremony.
  • Students will receive a confirmation via e-mail after successfully submitting payment for the ASU Hispanic Convocation fee.

See "Deadlines & Fees" for more information


No registrations will be accepted on the day of the ceremony. 

Other Graduation Information

Summer or Winter Graduates

Graduates who have completed coursework during the prior summer or will complete coursework in Winter Term may opt to participate in ceremonies the December prior to course completion. 

More information

For details about University Commencement and other Convocation ceremonies, please visit http://graduation.asu.edu.


If you cannot see the Registration Link in MyASU

A student must apply for graduation and pay the graduation fee to activate the registration links. 

If a student either cannot apply for graduation & pay the graduation fee, or has extenuating circumstances, contact the Hispanic Convocation office and make special arrangements.